35 Weeks Pregnant With Twins? Here’s what you need to know!

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35 Weeks Pregnant With Twins - When a woman pregnant with twins has reached the final week, it feels like such a relief.

If only it was the end of a long journey.

These last week can be quite unpleasant for a to-be mum as she will be going through a lot of body changes. Psychologically bearing two babies can be quite stressing as well. Not to mention the details of how physically excruciating it will be.

This article will provide a step by step guide to every bit of information about the final stage of Twin Pregnancy. What it is like to be pregnant with not just one infant, but two. One, who has gone through it, knows the pain-stricken days and nasty mood swings! Someone who is going for the first time has no idea how annoying and the agonizing pre-delivery situation can be.

With a normal pregnancy, we all anticipate common reactions as million go through it each year. With twins, there is greater risk involved and safety becomes an expensive asset. The checkups become more intense with time as the fetus develops. Suffice to say it is quite a ride and not only a mother but a whole family tries to prepare for what is to come.

Health of the Mother

Till you reach your 35 weeks your bump will be expanded and you’ll experience difficulty in sleeping. Be prepared to bear a lot; it will be quite some time before you reach the ultimate destination.

And there is no easy way!

a). An average woman pregnant with twins gains 35 to 30 pounds (More than one pound per week)

b). A backache will not be the only twinge you will endure, get ready for insane leg cramps and frequent trips to the bathroom! Well, nobody likes those but these are the most common symptoms.

c). In order to keep everything balanced, try regular yoga and warm baths.

d). Make a habit of drinking healthy fluids.

e). You will eat a lot of food and make sure to rest.

f). While you are rest, expect some fast baby movements. Say goodbye to long periods of sleep!

g). The only good thing about this whole situation is that this movement adds to the growth of the fetus. Also, with time it will become less because there is little to no space to move.

h). Pay attention to your diet until your pregnancy is over and don’t lose patience. It will take a lot of everything will come into place. You have come a long way to hold on!

Almost there!

35 Weeks Pregnant With Twins? Here’s what you need to know!

The Twin’s Growth Timeline

Till you reach your 35 weeks, the babies’ organs began to grow exponentially. The heart, brain, and other organs start to grow after the fourth week. After that, they develop eyes, with eyebrows and eyelashes. After the growth, they are able to see the light. The twins' skull will be bendy (so that us there is no difficulty in coming out of the womb) and will be hardened after birth.

a). The bones, however, will be more hard and strong.

b). Their hands will develop to an appropriate size of a newborn.

c). After everything has matured, their lungs will build up. Lungs are matured within 33 weeks and if not, they will be kept in the neonatal unit. One individual will move towards pelvic cavity so that they can expand hips and legs. d). A tiny coat of hair that surrounds the twins by 26 weeks will disappear. In addition to that, the babies will swallow a whitish substance that they will later secrete, post birth. The outermost layer of the skin will also peel off and will be replaced by the new skin.

e). The weight at this point will be around 3.4 kg. If that is not the case, there is nothing to worry about, because the range differs, and can be from 2.5 to 3.8 kg.

Preparations for the D-Day

After 35 weeks childbirth can happen anytime and if it happens early during the week, the chances of survival seem good.

a). Before delivery, your breasts may start to leak more colostrum; a watery substance that is prepared for breastfeeding. However, this might not happen with every pregnant woman with twins. So don’t worry and don’t bother calling your doctor for this.

b). It is not recommended to extend pregnancy for more than 37 weeks, and if the condition allows, opt for a C section. Here, the important factor is to note the position of both twins.

c). Be sure to be prepared at all time and ensure that your hospital essentials are in place.

d). Try moving often so that the babies can get into position.

e). Expect a lot of pain (obviously), stomach disorder or diarrhea. Along with that blood streak leaving your vagina which is an indication of cervix dilation.

f). Premature rupture of membranes will occur and secretion of liquid from vagina will happen just before delivery.

g). Contractions similar to menstrual cramping will remind you of the old days when period pains made you cry in the corner.

h). Prepare for blood tests and perfectly know your medical history inside and out.

i). There will plenty of heat burns, swelling of the face, fingers, and ankles as well as fatigue and shortness of breath.

j). Staying active won’t be your first priority, however, try walking and moving around every now and then.

k). Before delivery, check for signs. Some decreased baby movements can be good but here’s an important thing to note: Try to still feel the movements few times in an hour. If you don’t, it’s time to call the doctor and confirm if everything is fine.

l). In addition to these symptoms, if there is increased vaginal discharge with a foul smell, pain while urinating, there is bleeding, or in case of severe headaches, fever, and chills, immediately visit the hospital!

Post Delivery to Do List

Twins born after 35 or before 37th week are normally healthy. However, there can be a risk of permanent health issues. Try continuing the process of regular checkups post delivery.

Also, get an appointment with a good pediatrician to ensure a healthy future for your kids!

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