Signs That You Are Pregnant With Twins

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Twin Pregnancy - Do you think you are pregnant with more than one baby? The women who are carrying twins might experience a wide range of symptoms. There are some symptoms that show you are pregnant with twins. In this article, we have highlighted some of the signs that indicate you are carrying twins.

Read further to know more about the symptoms of twins.

Early and Bigger Bump

One of the symptoms of twins is the growing bellies of the mother. The women who were pregnant with twins said their quickly growing belly was a sign of them that something is unusual.

Morning Sickness

Almost every pregnant women experience some type of morning sickness. It was recorded that women pregnant with twins may experience excessive morning sickness. Some women have experienced intolerance to food, textures, appearance of the foods and smells. Mostly the foods include meat, coffee, tea, and seafood.


Another sign that you are pregnant with twins is that you feel extremely fatigued. This might happen because of stress or work. Most women pregnant with multiples experience fatigue quickly. It might be the case as the mother will be providing nutrients to 2 babies.


Doppler can be used for detecting the heartbeat of the baby. The fetal heart sounds can be heard in the first trimester period. The midwives and doctor are experienced capable of detecting more than one heartbeats.

Weight Gain

Another indicator of twin pregnancy is the weight gain. Most of the women have poor eating habits that also be the cause of excessive weight gain. The weight gain of women depends on many factors including the body type, height, and weight before pregnancy. In a study, it was found that women who are carrying twins gain 10 pounds more than women pregnant with a single baby.

Increased Level of hCG

Another symptoms of twins are the high levels of hCG. Women who are pregnant with twins have increased levels of hCG. It is the hormone that is produced in women during pregnancy. However, you might need further investigation to be sure you are carrying twins.

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